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Automotive Business

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The Automotive Division of PRS Permacel Private Limited is in the business of providing customised products in the following segments:-

A. Passenger Vehicles

  • Two- and Three-Wheelers: graphics, instruction labels, anti abrasion labels, thermal insulation, sound and vibration dampening solutions, mounting and holding tapes
  • Passenger Cars: instruction labels, fleet graphics, anti-corrosion labels, anti-chipping labels, test drive decals, pillar black- out tapes, event branding solutions, thermal insulation, flame retardant sleeves, vehicle graphics, trailer graphics, mounting and holding tapes, sound dampening solutions
  • Utility Vehicles: graphics, instruction labels, fleet graphics, foil tapes, thermal insulation solutions, anti-chipping labels, test drive graphics, pillar black-out tapes, event branding solutions, accessory decals

B. Commercial Vehicles

  • Buses: graphics, emblems, fleet graphics, water ingress prevention solutions, thermal insulation, mounting and holding tapes, sound dampening solutions, flame-retardant tapes
  • Mini Vans: graphics, reflective tapes
  • Trucks: thermal insulation, sound dampening solutions

C. Farm Equipment

  • Tractors: graphics, super float decals, instruction labels, emblems, thermal insulation, sound dampening solutions
  • Tillers: graphics, instruction labels
  • Combine Harvesters: graphics

D. Construction Equipment

  • Earthmovers: graphics, sound dampening solutions
  • Forklifts: graphics, specialty tapes
  • Cranes: graphics, instruction labels, holding tapes