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Industrial Business

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The Industrial Business Division of PRS Permacel Private Limited provides customised products in the following segments:

A. Electrical Equipment

  • Auto-electrical: varnish tapes, adhesive tapes, electrical laminates.
  • Motors & Generators: HT adhesive tapes, self-fusing tapes, laminates, resins.
  • Switchgears: oil compatible HT tapes, identification labels.
  • Energy Meters: holding tapes, thermal printable labels.
  • Windmill Generators: self-fusing tapes, adhesive tapes, finishing varnish, overhang support cords

B. Transport Infrastructure & Aviation

  • Metro & Monorail: exterior and interior decals, identification labels, route maps, holding & mounting tapes.
  • Civil Aviation: flame-retardant identification labels, flame-retardant cargo pit sealing & carpet mounting tapes, carpet protection films.
  • Defense Aviation: coated products for specialized applications.

C. Defence & Aerospace

  • Wide range of electrical, thermal and high-end coatings to meet special needs of Indian defence & aerospace.

D. Industrial Segment

  • Petrochemicals: thermal insulation for safety enhancement energy saving & productivity improvements, electrical maintenance kit.
  • Metals & Alloys: thermal insulation, electrical maintenance kit.
  • Power Generation & Distribution: special electrical maintenance kit, thermal insulation.