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Kavach Brand Protection

The KAVACH Business Division of PRS Permacel Limited provides customised solutions to help Industry fight the menace of brand attack.

Kavach is India´s first fully-integrated brand protection approach to address brand attack and resultant damage to corporate reputation.

Various forms of brand attacks, such as counterfeiting, duplication, re-circulation, refilling, etc., are rampant in the market. Kavach offers a comprehensive solution for brand protection that is customised to suit a brand’s needs.

Kavach solutions today are beneficially implemented by leading Brands in following industry segments:

  1. Automotive Majors - selling original parts in aftermarket
  2. Automotive Parts Manufacturers - selling replacement parts in after markets
  3. Agro products - seeds, pesticides
  4. Industrial Products Manufacturers - (selling replacement products through trade channels)
  5. Power distribution companies

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