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In its endeavor to be a one-stop shop to its customers in the electrical industry. PRS Permacel has collaborated with some renowned foreign players in the areas of resins & varnishes and sleeves.

Liquid Insulation- VonRoll Schweiz AG, Switzerland

Von Roll, founded in 1803, is one of Switzerland’s longest established industrial companies. It focuses on products and systems for power generation, transmission and distribution. VonRoll Insulation offers electrical insulation products, systems and services for generators, high and low-voltage motors, transformers and other applications. “John C. Dolph” a VonRoll Company has been a powerful world leader of insulating varnishes, resins, epoxies, potting and encapsulating compounds, as well as conformal coatings for the electrical and electronics industries. The areas covered range from spacecraft to submarines, trucks to luxury cars, circuit boards to control panels, power tools to kitchen appliances.

PRS Permacel represents VonRoll Schweiz AG as the authorised distributor for their range of liquid insulation in India.

Sleeves - Relats. sa, Spain

Relats. sa is one of  three top companies in the world in terms of its size and technology contribution in the area of sleeves. With plants in Europe, Asia and South America, Relats is well positioned to service the whole globe. It offers sleeving solutions based on glass braiding coated with silicone rubber, polyurethane resin or acrylic resin, as the application need demands. It supplies sleeves for varied applications in the automobile industry, electrical industry, steel mills and railways industry. Relats offers a variety of sleeves which are approved by UL.

PRS Permacel represents Relats. sa as the sole technology partner and the sole distributor in India.


PRS Permacel is looking at opportunities from interested global companies to represent then in India.

For partnership opportunities please contact Mr. Nityanand Shenoy at