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Safety is a core value for PRS Permacel. The company has continuously emphasised the importance of safe working practices not only at its manufacturing plant but also at all locations across the country, and by ensuring continuous training of the staff.

These steps and initiatives have, in the past, earned PRS Permacel plants several National and State Government Safety Awards, including the coveted National Safety Award, instituted by the National Safety Council of India. PRS Permacel has received these Safety Awards for criteria like ´Lowest Accident Frequency Rate´ and ´Longest Accident-Free Period´.

The Ambernath Facility is built with the latest, state-of-the-art safety features, which include:

  • Smoke and heat detectors provided all over the plant
  • Flame detectors in areas where solvents are used
  • Pressurised hydrant system which automatically starts the hydrant pump when the hydrant loses pressure. In case of power failure a diesel pump is activated
  • Carbon dioxide flooding system is provided to smother the fire within seconds in the adhesive manufacturing and coating areas
  • Sprinkler system in the warehouse and transformer area
  • Portable fire extinguishers in all locations
  • Static eliminators on coaters and all related equipment
  • Machine guards on all machines 

  • Continuous training in English and local language include 

    • Fire safety
    • Use of personal safety devices such as safety shoes, earplugs,  goggles, face and nose masks etc
    • Static electricity checks
    • Evacuation training and drills
    • Safe use of cutting tools

 The plant has its own Safety Committee and Emergency Response teams.