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Product Range
Identification labels :

PRS Permacel offers a range of identification labels using the latest printing, adhesive-coating and finishing techniques. Our company is used to catering to the customers` needs in such areas as improving product aesthetics, enhancing brand image, producing instructions on products, variable information processing etc. These products are widely used in the automotive, FMCG, office equipment, consumer durable industries for brand and instruction labelling, productivity improvement, etc.

Speciality Tapes :

PRS Permacel´s range of speciality tapes includes single-sided tapes, double-sided tapes based on films, cloth, paper & foam - to meet customer specific requirements. These tapes are used in a variety of industries such as printing, automotive, consumer durable, and aerospace to mention a few, in addition to holding, mounting, masking, surface protection etc.

Electrical Insulation Products for Motors & Generators :

PRS Permacel has been a pioneer in developing custom-built solutions for a variety of motor manufacturers, rewinders and end users, for both low-voltage applications as well as high-voltage applications in AC and DC motors.

PRS Permacel can provide customised insulation solutions, depending on specific insulation requirements and design of the electrical motors, for all temperature classes.

Electrical Insulation Products for Coils and Transformers :

PRS Permacel has been in the forefront for developing a wide range of high productivity insulation solutions for coil manufacturers, to enable them to reduce the cycle time for production.

This range includes a variety of self-adhesive tapes as well as B-stage products.

General Purpose Electrical Insulation Tapes :

PRS Permacel offers a variety of general purpose insulation tapes, which are useful for maintenance applications in all large industrial units.

They are especially used for water sealing applications, thermal insulation applications, fire retardant, electrical insulation as well as busbar insulation in steel plants, refineries, petrochemical units, fertiliser units, power utility companies, mines, cement plants, etc.

Thermal Insulation Products :

PRS Permacel has an expertise in developing thermal insulation solutions for applications with temperatures ranging from -50°C to +1500°C.

The solutions are based on new generation insulating material and designed to provide an effective heat flow management and a recurring saving in energy. The solutions offered are easy to apply and maintain and, at the same time, they are environment-friendly and safe to use.