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Permacellion welcomed the promising and exciting 2017

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The Annual Marketing and Sales Conference was hosted from 6th to 8th April 2017 at Portuguese Lisbon town in India – Silvassa in Treat Resort with an aim to bring the entire team together on platform and inspire them to aim for a common goal.

The event started with our honorable chairman Mr. Sushil K Premchand explaining the theme of our conference logo “EVOLVE THINK BIG ”. This was followed by a spectacular evening the awards nite and this event gave the team a perfect forum to rejoice. Awards were announced for excellent sales employees and teams of 2016.

The second day of the event started with the logo explanation by our PMD Mr Shenoy followed by presentation from the Printed Product company Dr Anant Agashe and Standard Product company Mr M Ramakrishnan on the objective in meeting QCDD (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development). The marketing team gave an exhaustive list of the products schedule to be launched during the year followed by Group discussion and actions plans. The team enjoyed the gala evening planned and executed to perfection by the organizers.

All the members departed with memories to cherish and energized to face the challenges of 2017.