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Products & Solutions


    1. General maintenance
    2. Tape based on polyester, glass fabric, kapton, silicon, rubber, nomex
    3. Speciality tapes from Class A to Class C
    4. Sleeves
    5. Resins and varnishes


    1. Product range with temperature enduring properties from -60°C to 1600°C.
    2. Products for protection from radiant heat.
    3. Custom fabricated products with varying adhesives, fill material & cover material suitable for insulation of hot face temperatures up to 1000°C.
    4. All products are asbestos free & can be supplied with required levels of flame retardant properties.
    5. Heat seal coating for enhanced reduction in heat ingress.
    6. Welding Blanket catering to variety of application based functional needs.
    7. Products for insulating cold systems including products specifically designed for high end HVAC & chiller systems.
    8. Customised products for damage control of devices from contact with molten metals.


    1. Range of single-sided tapes
    2. Double-sided tissue based tapes
    3. Double-sided cloth/foam tapes for flexo printing
    4. Special flame retardant tapes for aviation industry
    5. High strength water ingress protection
    6. Teflon coated glass cloth for heat sealing applications
    7. Variety of masking tapes from low temperature upto 200°C

Specialised labelling solutions

    1. For brand enhancing
    2. For low energy surfaces
    3. Pillar black out tapes
    4. For track and trace applications
    5. Instruction/caution and identification
    6. Stock for offset & flexo printing for brand enhancement

Brand Protection - Kavach

    1. Pilferage
    2. Gift Coupon
    3. MRP Labels
    4. Automotive (spare parts; OE source parts)
    5. Liquor (mass distribution, carton sealing)
    6. Industrial consumables (photocopy spares, welding spares, MCCB, switchgears)
    7. Agriculture (pesticides; seeds)
    8. Pharmaceuticals (vials, vaccines)
    9. FMCG